Email Marketing Key Features

Drag & Drop Design

Design emails that work with easy to use templates, no coding necessary.

Fully branded emails

Send emails completely under your own brand.

Easy Management

Tailor your user lists to generate better results.

Real-time Analytics

Instantly track the performance of your campaigns.

Easy drag and drop templates

Create professional-looking and responsive emails without needing to know how to code. Our easy to use interface lets you add text, photos, links and more to emails that work across multiple platforms – from desktops to smartphones to tablets.

Customise and personalise email campaigns

Customise your fully branded emails for your audience completely under your own brand with personalisation available just by pointing and clicking. Or use dynamic content to target subscribers with unique content without having to create multiple emails.


  • Build a one-on-one relationship with your audience through personalisation
  • Include subscribers’ names, locations, or other information in the email
  • Change details to match subscribers’ information – from address changes to different photos

Precision testing for precision targeting

See how your subscribers will view your email marketing campaigns with our Inbox Testing, then test titles, content, and posting times with our A/B Split Testing, giving you the data you need to produce great results.


  • Test your emails against the most popular mail programs, including Outlook and Gmail
  • Discover the ideal time to send out your campaigns
  • Test different call-to-action formats and special offers

Social media automation and applications

Keep track of your social media easily with our Facebook and Twitter integration. Promote a campaign, schedule tweets and posts, and track shares, retweets, and comments.


  • Instantly post about an email campaign as soon as it is launched
  • Schedule posts to optimise views
  • Work across multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook pages

Easy customer management

Store as little or as much information on your customers as you wish, and organise your campaigns appropriately to target those audiences. Our Email Marketing system automatically keeps your data clean of unsubscribes and bounces and helps you stay compliant with Data Protection laws.


  • Build lists based on location, items purchased, or interests
  • Detailed reporting on both soft and hard bounces
  • Target new subscribers, regular spenders, or lapsed customers

One-click integration with your systems

Use our one-click install plug-ins for WordPress, Salesforce, and more to effortlessly integrate your existing users into your email campaigns. Add a sign-up page, include subscriptions in your checkout, or track your customers through all their interactions with our easy to install plug-ins.


  • Easy sign-up or competition forms in WordPress
  • Convenient integration with your existing Salesforce database
  • Open API to integrate directly into your CMS or e-commerce solution

Everything you need in one place

Manage your campaigns and update your website at the same time from the same location, with no need to keep track of other websites or logins. Our convenient interface gives you all the tools you need for online success.


  • Update your website seconds before your big campaign launch
  • Use the same design and format as your website without needing to jump between systems
  • Mix and match our one-click installations with our Email Marketing options to create the perfect site